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Last year i have mentioned that i have started using Matomo. But it was in the middle of 2019, so i couldn’t use it for annual stats. Now that i have used Matomo for a complete year and also given the fact that i’ve screwed up in February by uninstalling old Google Analytics add-in in WordPress without realizing it is actually connecting my page to GA (i have lost 20 days of stats because of it), i decided to use Matomo numbers instead of GA for page views this time. I have compared them and they of course are very similar. Matomo numbers are a bit higher. Not sure if it counts differently or because of that 20 days gap in GA. But i like higher numbers better 😀 Will see, maybe next year i will go back to GA numbers or maybe i will get rid of Google Analytics completely. Although it is nice to have two options, if one suddenly stops working. The 2020 stats:

  • Posted 76 entries (-36):
    • Technology – 51 (-37), there were no Insider build posts at all this year, now i am only posting about final releases of next Windows 10 versions; about the same amount of Microsoft 365 news and a few other articles here and there (Android, Spark);
    • Reviews – 18 (new), this is a new category which combines my reviews for books, movies, TV series, so the number is high;
    • Books – 8 (+1), just finished last book a day ago to make this number higher 😀 ;
    • Board Games – 4 (-3);
    • Movies – 8 (+5), last year i have explored the option of watching Kinopavasaris movies digitally at home, so i have watched more movies this way and i kind of liked it;
    • General – 2 (-1);
    • Artwork – 2 (+1);
    • Top 10 – 1 (-);
    • TV series – 1 (+1).
  • Removed Next Game category (it is now Board Games and Reviews combined) and a few other old categories that didn’t have any posts for years.
  • Have received even two comments this year (+2) and actually replied to one of them. And also received an email regarding one of the articles. Btw, started using Antispam Bee because older plugin became a bloated money grab. This one is very good dealing with spam comments and is free.

The list of most popular posts (by page views last year):

  • WSUS can’t distinctly identify 1909 version [EN]561 (+514), this was a new post at the end of 2019 and i have predicted its views number will grow, but i haven’t expected this much. WSUS is still such a hot topic it seems. I think this post will go down as 1909 is older now, but this problem is not going away and will appear with every second Windows release each year, so i guess this will be relevant still.
  • Very Basic Openfire + Spark Guide [EN]337 (-69), dropped a little, but still managed to get to the second spot (mostly because the previous silver medal winner went down a lot). Spark development restarted last year, so it should stay a float for a while.
  • WSUS woes with Windows 10 [EN]241 (-222), almost the same drop as last year. It is weird that WSUS topic is high, but this post is dropping.
  • Office 365 – Deleting users with the same UPN and Display Name [EN]234 (+73), i still don’t understand why it shot high from nowhere last year and why it received even more views this time.
  • Fixing SSL error when accessing XenServer after KB3175024 update [EN]198 (-27), dropped a bit again after going up last year. Windows 7 is still in use somewhere i guess. This also explains why another Windows 7 post went high.
  • Enabling Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11 and Edge [EN]181 (+66), after jumping high last time still going up. I have actually posted a new article about it last year. Wonder how good it will fair. As new Edge is becoming a default browser on Windows systems i guess more companies look into making old sites working in Edge with IE mode (we are doing that at my work also).
  • Windows 7 – Windows Update check speedup [EN]133 (new), as Windows 7 went End of Support this year in January this kind of explains why such post went so high suddenly, but i think people probably were looking for ways to upgrade to Windows 10 and this article is not about that. Bummer 🙂
  • Kinopavasaris 2016 – Saulėlydžio giesmė [LT]126 (+35), went back to being 1st most popular post in LT language. Twilight Saga fans are still going strong in Lithuania and still being screwed by search directing them to this review of a completely different movie.
  • Current state of Windows 10 Feature Updates in WSUS [EN]83 (-3), i guess people are more interested in how to use WSUS now, so this post finds some views, but it is rather old now.
  • Office 365 Free Teams niuansai [LT]69 (new), Teams is on the rise, so no wonder that people are looking for such info. Not sure if everyone coming to this page is from Lithuania though.
  • Stalo žaidimų naujienos (26) [LT]51 (new), puzzling. This is an old board games news post in Lithuanian. Maybe some of the links or games mentioned in this old article received some buzz. Or maybe because name Tesla is mentioned here 🙂
  • Dealing with Windows 10 feature updates via WSUS [EN]45 (-88), i have predicted it will drop out completely, but it has slowed its decline a bit.
  • 80073712 error and Windows Servicing corruption fixing [EN]39 (new), another surprising surge of a Windows 7 article. I was actually searching for it myself at work recently trying to find something useful dealing with corruption of updates on Windows 10. Not really helpful.
  • Stalo žaidimų naujienos (41) [LT]35 (new), again, no clue why it has surged like this. I guess posts with lots of links show up in searches a lot.
  • Windows 10 October 2020 Update (20H2) [LT]35 (new), was hoping for this to go higher as i have reposted it on LinkedIn, and it has 113 views there. But i guess not every one actually clicks on a link to go and read the article.

As i could predict many older Windows 10 or WSUS posts dropped from the top. And new one about 2004 version of Windows 10 only gathered 25 views. That one movie review that shot to the sky last year because it was scheduled on a local TV and people were looking for information on it, of course it is nowhere to be seen this time around. The most popular Microsoft 365 news post was from February 3d (24 views). My home page received similar number of views (452). WSUS tag on the other hand went through the roof – 636 (+520). Technology and Board Games category go toe to toe (55 and 54).

Matomo for some reason shows every other visit as coming from US (even when it is LT, UK or something else), so it can’t be trusted. And i had a gap in Google Analytics data. So this time will not post how views are segmented by countries. As usual most views are from Lithuania and US is close second.

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