Blog annual stats (v2023)

2023 is done. This year decided not to migrate to a new version of Google Analytics but ditch it completely. Matomo is more than enough for me. Don’t recall any hiccups with statistics or blog in general. Although i try to check it every few days after that SSL issue last fall. Not that many articles this year again, but i was reading much more, so a lot more reviews than usual. This helped balance out numbers as there were not many technology articles this year. But a few older articles, that started to get traction at the end of last year, blew up. Again, for reasons unknown to me. Last month i have decided to start doing book reviews in English. It seems easier for me to write about books like that. Wonder if that can get a bit more views.

  • Posted 17 entries (+3):
    • Technology – 3 (-3), dropped even lower; only posting about new Windows releases lately;
    • Reviews – 11 (+6), more books read;
    • Books – 11 (+7), unexpectedly to myself read a lot more this year and if i keep the pace, next year this number can grow even more; btw, actually read 13 books (one post was about a trilogy);
    • General – 2 (-), same posts about blog anniversary and yearly stats like every year;
    • Artwork – 1 (-);
    • Movies – 0 (-1), another dying category here; have not gone to Kinopavasaris movie fest this year again; only seen one movie this year (Oppenheimer), which was great, but didn’t feel like posting about it;
    • Board Games – 0 (-1), not playing, not watching videos about them or reading news;
    • Top 10 – 0 (-1);
  • Same like last year 1 comment approved that looked like real one. And that is on one of the articles that lead traffic recently (-).

The list of most popular posts (by page views last year):

Home page last year got 364 views (-109). Windows update tag received 184 views (new) and WSUS – 44 (+6). About page received a bit less traffic – 28 (-10). Usually when i post in LinkedIn i get more views on About and other pages on my site.

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