8 years

8 years mark. Blog is slowly turning into books reviews page. Already posted 9 reviews since new year and at least a few more coming. Meanwhile the most popular posts here are some random tech posts that bots for some reason like to crawl, i guess (like tweaking Japanese language support in Windows). I know the stats are not quite real as many visits are seconds long and probably by bots, but still kind of fun to see what gets more hits.

7 years

Blog is 7 years old today. Not much new. Not very active for the last few months. But in total since the last milestone did 10 tech, 3 books and 1 movie post. So, not less than last year at least. Nothing on board games still. Kind of cooled off on them and not even going to board game meet ups at work anymore. So, it probably will be tech and books posts for a while.

6 years

The blog is 6 years old today. A short overview of changes (full summary as usual on January 1st). This year i have stopped doing Microsoft 365 news posts. Same as with board games news it became too tedious to keep up with the avalanche of news and to do short summaries of all of them in Lithuanian. So, after doing this for 2 years i’ve decided to stop. Now i only occasionally post something on LinkedIn with a link to a news article and my short summary or opinion. This feels more comfortable. I try to pick only something that stands out or is interesting to me or readers. As i don’t post it here, i get less traffic to my blog. But i am still getting enough views of old articles (some are still puzzling). Also stopped doing Firefox release posts as i got disappointed with Firefox in general and stopped posting in a local community that i used to post about Firefox news. Have only done 9 technology articles, 2 books, 3 movies and 1 board game review so far. I might finish one more book before the end of this year or do another review of an old board game in collaboration with D6.lt. But this year will be scarce on content. And i kind of start to feel an urge to start doing some series again 🙂

Five Years Anniversary

A little bit of history. 5 years ago i was at home for a few months, recovering after a few surgeries. As i was bored i decided to finally put my domain wroot.lt to use (i had it since 2007 and only used for my personal email till then). It was surprisingly easy to use my hoster’s system to install WordPress and start tinkering with design and settings. The overall look hasn’t changed that much since then. Still the same gray and black theme based on Sparkling from Colorlib. As time went i have added a few plugins, removed some, enabled SSL, etc. At first i thought i would mostly post about board games as there is not so much coverage in Lithuania and i was posting some news in Lithuanian for a while. Of course, there was almost nobody reading that and it got too tedious to gather and translate the news. So i have stopped and only posted a few reviews of games or movies sometimes. A few years ago i have started using Office 365 a lot and following the news. And then i decided to start sharing them, again, in Lithuanian, as there are not so many sources here posting about this. And for now this is the main focus of this blog. I also started reposting these news to LinkedIn to drive more attention. Occasionally i will post about some other technology stuff, recently started posting reviews of books i am reading. It is not like this is still fresh and exciting to do that, but i’m persistent and i still kind of like it, like seeing stats and what gets more visits. And i just don’t want to stop and let this blog go into oblivion. Maybe at some point i will come up with something interesting and catchy. Probably not 🙂

Another year :) [LT-EN]

[LT] Šian sukako antri metai mano blogui. Nusprendžiau kažkokią suvestinę daryt metų gale, taigi jokios statistikos šį kart nepateiksiu. Galima pasakyt tik tiek, kad blogas pasuko šiek tiek kita linkme ir dabar daugiau rašau apie technologijas. Bet apie tai detaliau kitą kartą. O kol kas su gimtadieniu 🙂

[EN] Today it’s two years since the start of this blog. I have decided to do some kind of summary at the end of the year. So not much to say now. Just that the blog has become more about technology stuff. But in more details about that later. And for now – Happy Birthday 🙂

1 year blog summary [LT-EN]


[LT] Lygiai prieš metus pradėjau šį blogą, paskelbiau pirmą įrašą. Per tuos metus iš viso paskelbta 78 įrašai. Sulaukta 4 komentarų (na gera, gudrauju, du iš jų buvo mano atsakymai 🙂 ). Tiesa, kol įdiegiau anti-spamo įskiepį sulaukdavau nemažai spam komentarų kasdien. Šiuo metu blokuota 1347 spam komentarų 🙂

[EN] Exactly one year ago i have started this blog, posted my first entry. During this year 78 entries have been posted. I’ve received 4 comments (ok ok, i’m cheating, two of them were my replies 🙂 ). Although, until i have installed anti-spam plugin i was getting lots of spam comments daily. 1347 spam comments have been blocked by now 🙂

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