Welcome to my blog. My name is Oleg. I live in Vilnius city, Lithuania. Working in IT field for 15+ years. You can find out more about my experience on my LinkedIn page (see the button on the side panel).

In this blog i mostly write about IT solutions and news, also occasionally about new board games i have played, books i’ve read or movies i’ve seen.

Although my work usually involved Microsoft technologies, i have started using Open Source products many years ago and since then i contribute to various projects. You can see my activity on the GitHub profile. Not a developer myself, though sometimes i can fix minor things. I also participate in many forums, report bugs, provide translations. A member of Ignite Realtime community of developers and users for a long time. Was unofficial Project Lead for Spark IM client for a while (management and support role).

I am also participating in Windows 10 Insider program since its inception in 2014. I like to try new features early on, report issues, see how new Windows version is shaping up. Lately i’m curious about Microsoft’s cloud technologies, follow the news and share them on my blog.


E-mail: oleg@wroot.lt
XMPP: wroot@igniterealtime.org