Blog annual stats (v2021)

This year has a lot less posts as i have stopped doing M365 news in January. I still post in Technology category occasionally and some new articles get some views, but not that many. Also sometimes i repost in LinkedIn and i get some traffic from there. I have decided to post about interesting M365 news directly on LinkedIn. Got tired of collecting all the news and summarizing them. Again a few posts about board games, books. Will use Matomo for page views stats this year again. Because numbers differ from Google Analytics (Matomo has a bit higher count) and it will be better to compare with numbers from the same system.

  • Posted 26 entries (-50):
    • Technology – 15 (-36), stopped doing M365 news, also decided not to post Firefox release notes, so next year will have even less posts;
    • Reviews – 6 (-12), less books read, less movies or TV series watched;
    • Movies – 3 (-5), only 3 movies watched during Kinopavasaris, no completed TV series to write about, but i have watched lots of old movies, starting with all James Bond films;
    • Books – 2 (-6), bad year for reading, only managed to finish two first books in Dune series;
    • Board Games – 2 (-2), only 1 review in LT for Carcassonne and yearly stats, not playing that much either;
    • General – 2 (-);
    • Artwork – 2 (-);
    • Top 10 – 1 (-);
    • TV series – 0 (-1).
  • No comments this year (-2).

The list of most popular posts (by page views last year):

  • Enterprise Mode changes in Edge browser [EN]280 (new), last year i have predicted that new article about Enterprise Mode or IE Mode in Edge will shoot up and it happened. This new article managed to outrun older post and was the most popular page this year.
  • Very Basic Openfire + Spark Guide [EN]179 (-158), dropped by half again this year, but based on lower overall views numbers still manages to stay 2nd. Maybe next year it will have another renaissance.
  • Office 365 – Deleting users with the same UPN and Display Name [EN]159 (-75), this anomaly is continuing, although numbers dropped by the same amount as they grew last year. I have even added a disclaimer at the top of this article asking visitors to leave a comment. Nobody responded yet, so still no clue why it is so popular.
  • Fixing SSL error when accessing XenServer after KB3175024 update [EN]155 (-43), still dropping, but still managing to stay in top, my very first hot article on this blog. Although not sure how it can still be relevant.
  • Enabling Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11 and Edge [EN]148 (-33), as expected this older article about the same topic led the way for the new one and is dropping a bit. Predict another drop next year. But it probably should still stay in the top.
  • WSUS woes with Windows 10 [EN]93 (-148), another huge drop as for the rest of WSUS related articles. Looks like this topic is slowly going away.
  • Windows 7 – Windows Update check speedup [EN]93 (-40), people still trying to upgrade from Windows 7 i guess and stumbling on this article, which is not exactly what they need. Or maybe some companies using Extended Support program and having troubles with updates.
  • WSUS can’t distinctly identify 1909 version [EN]83 (-478), enormous drop for last year’s first place article. But expected. WSUS topic is on decline and 1909 version is already a few years old.
  • Office 365 Free Teams niuansai [LT]81 (+12), still attracting some visitors. Although Microsoft released Teams Essentials for small businesses this year, which is more suitable for companies and i don’t think that many people use Free Teams for personal communication.
  • Vis dar ne paskutinė – Windows 11 [LT]55 (new), have reposted on LinkedIn, which generated some traffic, especially as it was for a brand new Windows version.
  • Windows 10 October 2020 Update (20H2) [LT] – 52 (+17), posted in fall of 2020 and throughout last year it managed to generate some views. Maybe same will happen to 21H1 version article that i have posted a few months ago, although even after reposting on LinkedIn it didn’t garner much attention.

To mention a few other popular pages or places WSUS tag generated 66 views (huge drop same as the articles). Surprisingly Camel Up tag picked up 37 views, but not the review article itself. Board Games category is still popular and with 32 views overtook Technology and About pages. Main home page received 367 visits last year. The only board game review i did this year for Carcassonne got 29 views. Same as my last M365 news article almost a year ago. Last month my new article about Windows Defender RCE started to gather lots of hits and by the end of 2021 had 21 views. Not enough to make the top, but not bad for a fairly new and niche article. Also old review of “Phoenix Project” book suddenly received some attention (20). Strange to see that two popular movies reviews dropped completely from the top. One of them being for “Sunset Song”. I am guessing Twilight saga is dropping in popularity in Lithuania and nobody goes to this review by mistake anymore 🙂 All in all it looks like WSUS topic is finally going away. I still use it, but not posting anything for a long time. And as IE is going to be retired this year articles about IE Mode will be popular.

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