Best new games (v2017) [EN]

I have changed the title as this year i wasn’t able to try out enough games. But i won’t change the picture because of that 🙂 Still, i have tried out 7 new games, which is still a lot for not a very active gamer. Again, this is just new to me games i have tried this year. Not necessary released during 2017, though there are 2 such games on the list. Here we go.

7. Imhotep – wanted to try this games since it was nominated for Spiel des Jahres awards. But it didn’t live up to my expectations. There is little room for strategy and planning ahead and too much depends on luck.

6. Cat Box – one of a few Kickstarters i have backed. Cute little game. A bit too simplistic, but beautiful art makes it popular among my female friends. This has become the most popular game lended from me 🙂

5. Legendary Inventors – haven’t tried it enough times to review it, but it is a pleasant resource allocation, engine building game. Although it is a very simple game, i would still remove one part from it (runs of numbers) to make it even more polished and streamlined.

4. Jump Drive – one of my most favorite games, Race for the Galaxy, is a bit overwhelming for new gamers with all the actions and various icons. Jump Drive is a simplified version of an older game, but also unique on its own. Quick, simple engine building game which also scratches itch to play its bigger brother.

3. Avenue – my first Roll and Write game (well, in this one cards replaced dice). I wanted something similar for family nights as it is very simple and reminds bingo games that are popular here. But this has more choices, which makes it actually a game. Very simple, but takes almost no space, very fast and has that pleasant tactile feeling of drawing paths on a paper. Also, clever scoring system.

2. Magic Maze – probably the most played game with my colleagues. Unique, fun. Although it might become stale after a while. But then you can try harder scenarios. Though, even first scenario could be hard to beat if everyone plays 100% by the rules, which is very hard in this game 🙂

1. Guildhall – a bit cheating here as i have tried this game at the end of 2016, but i have only learned how i actually like this game only this year. Unique card play, a lot of interaction with other players, a fine balance between building up and racing to win at the end.

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