Yearly Board Games Stats 2021 [EN]

Usual stats from Board Games Stats app. At some point stopped playing a lot on Yucata. No live plays this year. So numbers dropped considerably again. I have only tried a few new games at the very beginning of 2021, but they didn’t grab me, so not many plays and not enough to review even. Based on number of plays i have cooled down on Oracle of Delphi and Firenze. But they still are my favorite games, just less desire to play anything this year ­čÖé

General stats:

  • Plays: 46 (-61)
  • Games: 18 (-10)
  • Players: 41 (-59), 99% Yucata, a few games on BGA
  • Locations: 2 (-) (Yucata and Board Game Arena)
  • H-index: 4 (-1) (x games played at least x times)

Most played games:

  • Rajas of the Ganges: 7 (-5)
  • The Oracle of Delphi: 6 (-15)
  • Thunderstone: 5 (-4)
  • Cacao: 4 (-1)
  • Firenze: 3 (-15)
  • Hadara: 3 (new)
  • Zooloretto: The Dice Game: 3 (-1)
  • Las Vegas: 2 (-1)
  • Res Arcana: 2 (new)
  • Santiago de Cuba: 2 (new)

Favorite player count: 2 (no change ­čÖé )

Games played live: 0 (-6)

Cloud managed Edge IE Mode site list [EN]

In my last article regarding IE Mode i have griped that MS allowed to host site list file in the cloud, but there was no option to actually modify and publish it using M365 console. Well, this is now fixed. Microsoft presented a new section in M365 Admin Console called Microsoft Edge site list, which allows to manage multiple site lists, add URLs, save versions and publish them. There is also an option to import xml file with a list. Then you can copy ID of such site list and use it in Intune device profile to push that site list and a setting to use it to selected groups of devices. Alternatively you can use ConfigMgr or regular group policies. Although it is not clear how you can use just ID with group policies. I think it still requires a path to the file. But if you are in Intune camp completely, then this is a nice way to get rid of hosting files manually in Azure and a nice way to have different rings of devices with different sets of sites that has to be opened with IE mode. More information in this article on MS Tech Community.

Windows 10 November 2021 Update (21H2) [LT]

┼á─» pirmadien─», lapkri─Źio 16, Microsoft i┼íleido eilin─» Windows 10 funkcin─» atnaujinim─ů (feature update). Kuris po Windows 11 pasirodymo sulauks ne tiek daug d─Śmesio. Ypa─Ź turint omeny, kad paskutiniai Windows 10 atnaujinimai beveik neturi vartotojams skirt┼│ naujovi┼│. 21H2 ne i┼íimtis. Prakti┼íkai visi poky─Źiai yra saugumo ar veikimo patobulinimai “under the hood”. Tuo metu Windows 11 kas savait─Ö sulaukia Insider versij┼│ su naujomis opcijomis ar vartotojo s─ůsajos pakeitimais, atnaujintomis programomis (Photos, Paint, t.t.). Tod─Śl nebuvo staigmena i┼ígirsti, kad nuo ┼íiol Windows 10 sulauks tik vieno funkcinio atnaujinimo per metus. Taigi pavasar─» nebebus 22H1 versijos, o ruden─» sulauksime 22H2, tikriausiai. Taip jie suvienodina palaikymo model─» su Windows 11. O kartu tai rodo, kad Windows 10 yra saul─Ślyd┼żio faz─Śje.

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Fixing Japanese and Chinese IME problem [EN]

From my understanding the “Japanese IME is not ready yet.” (or Chinese) error started appearing sometime around 1903 was released. There are tons of articles and questions on internet regarding this issue with not many working solutions. Especially for restricted corporate environment. We have started seeing reports about this error while pushing 20H2 version. But it seems such problems were also observed after 1903 update (or maybe even earlier) and some IT staff was “fixing” it by copying IME files from older version into new essentially replacing it. This doesn’t work with latest Windows 10 versions. Not to say this is not a pretty solution anyway. I had to involve Microsoft support recently to tackle this and below are my findings and kind of a solution for this.

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Windows 11 oficialiai išleista (21H2) [LT]

┼ái─ů savait─Ö Microsoft i┼íleido pirm─ů Windows 11 oficiali─ů versij─ů su pakeista Start meniu, u┼żduo─Źi┼│ juostos ir kit┼│ komponent┼│ i┼ívaizda ir funkcionalumu, papildomais saugumo reikalavimais. Apie b┼źsimas naujoves ra┼íiau po pirmojo pristatymo bir┼żel─». Taip pat apie pagrindinius akcentus galima perskaityt i┼íleidimo straipsnyje MS bloge. Per kelis m─Śnesius nuo paskelbimo buvo ka┼żkiek aptaisytos klaidos ir nu┼ílifuotos ─»vairios vietos. Ta─Źiau ┼íi Windows versija kaip jau ─»prasta yra i┼íleid┼żiama su s─ůra┼íu oficialiai ┼żinom┼│ problem┼│, o i┼íkart po i┼íleidimo vartotojai prad─Śjo vie┼íint ─»vairias kitas klaidas. ┼áis ─»ra┼ías yra trumpas rinkinys technin─Śs informacijos ir nuorod┼│ ─» pagalbinius Microsoft straipsnius ir susijusias naujienas.

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Fixing Windows Defender RCE vulnerability in mpengine.dll [EN]

In this post I will share my experience with fixing a vulnerability related to built-in Windows/Microsoft Defender antivirus (not to confuse with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint service). This is an integral part of Windows 10 and is still present on the system in some form even when you use a third-party AV solution. In that case it should be dormant and can be used for just a simple scan. But sometimes it can be not the case.

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SMTP Server As a Relay to Exchange Online [EN]

With Microsoft hammering down on Basic Auth support in Exchange Online many systems admins are wondering what to do about email function in multi function printers and scanners and other internal systems that have to send emails (SharePoint and similar). Although it seems that SMTP Auth might stay available a bit longer even after the final date in October of 2022. Still, there could be better options to avoid problems when Basic Auth is gone and MFPs cannot send emails directly to Exchange Online using just email and password. I am not 100% sure below provided setup will work all the time, but it was recommended by our MS partners and listed on Microsoft support page. Read More

6 years

The blog is 6 years old today. A short overview of changes (full summary as usual on January 1st). This year i have stopped doing Microsoft 365 news posts. Same as with board games news it became too tedious to keep up with the avalanche of news and to do short summaries of all of them in Lithuanian. So, after doing this for 2 years i’ve decided to stop. Now i only occasionally post something on LinkedIn with a link to a news article and my short summary or opinion. This feels more comfortable. I try to pick only something that stands out or is interesting to me or readers. As i don’t post it here, i get less traffic to my blog. But i am still getting enough views of old articles (some are still puzzling). Also stopped doing Firefox release posts as i got disappointed with Firefox in general and stopped posting in a local community that i used to post about Firefox news. Have only done 9 technology articles, 2 books, 3 movies and 1 board game review so far. I might finish one more book before the end of this year or do another review of an old board game in collaboration with But this year will be scarce on content. And i kind of start to feel an urge to start doing some series again ­čÖé

Vis dar ne paskutin─Ś – Windows 11 [LT]

Daugelis technologij┼│ pasaulyje jau turb┼źt gird─Śjo apie paskelbt─ů nauj─ů Windows versij─ů. Taigi Microsoft “OS-as-a-service” ir “really last Windows version” pa┼żadas buvo kiek j┼│ pa─Źi┼│ primir┼ítas. Na, pirma dalis gal ir nesikei─Źia, nes Windows 11 yra did┼żi─ůja dalimi vis dar kuriama Windows 10 pagrindu ir atnaujinimas nemokamas, taigi tik ┼íiek tiek kei─Źiasi i┼ívaizda ir versijos skai─Źiukas. Man atrodo, kad ┼íis ┼żingsnis buvo padarytas d─Śl keli┼│ prie┼żas─Źi┼│. Microsoft suprato, kad am┼żiams tur─Śti tik vien─ů versij─ů n─Śra ─»domu publikai, o feature atnaujinimai jau seniai pasidar─Ś nuobod┼źs ir nesukuria pakankamai ┼íurmulio entuziast┼│ gretose. Kitas aspektas – noras gana pastebimai pakeisti ─»prast─ů s─ůsaj─ů (u┼żduo─Źi┼│ juost─ů, Start meniu). Tikriausiai Windows 10 naudotojams tai b┼źt┼│ pernelyg didelis pokytis, jeigu tai b┼źt┼│ eilinis tos pa─Źios versijos atnaujinimas.

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