Windows 10 Review [EN]

yes-no-win10Yes-No is a category in which I will list 3 traits and characteristics I like and dislike about a particular matter. Will start with already mentioned in the last post new Windows version. It is contrasting enough to be liked and hated.




  • Return of Start Menu. I understand that Microsoft tried to do something innovative with Windows 8. But the absence of good old known Start menu in a new Windows version was a very negative thing for simple users. Even for me, working for a long time in IT field and often trying out new stuff, it was a bit uncomfortable and inconvenient, when you had to catch screen corners with a mouse cursor or press Win button. I often paused for a bit after pushing the mouse cursor to the Start button and thought how should i do, what i need to do. In other words, this wasn’t a natural usage. Maybe i needed to get used to it, but in truth, i didn’t even wanted to get used. It’s no surprise that third-party programs providing Start menu replacement have become very popular. Though Windows 10 menu is not perfect, and is not a Windows 7 menu comeback for sure, but it is a step for Microsoft into people’s needs and habits understanding.
  • Virtual desktops function, which can be accessed with the Task View button (or on the Alt+Tab screen). Programs providing such possibility in Windows environment have existed for a long time. But you had to download them, install and run. And with Windows 10 this is part of the system, which is there already and always for your disposal, and besides is very simple and elegant. Not a new thing for sure (Linux systems have this for a long time), but handy.
  • Windows placement help (“windows snapping”). It may be odd, that this is one of the important improvements. But i can’t count how many times i have used Windows 7 Aero Snap function for a quick placement of two windows one besides other. And Windows 10 improves even more this, rather simple, but very useful function. Indeed i thought sometimes, that it would be convenient to automatically place more windows together. Now it is possible to place no only 2, but 4. And even Apple in its new Mac OS X version is introducing similar option 🙂


  • The first “dislike” won’t be about some particular aspect of the OS. It’s simply an overall impression about the direction of a system with its settings. It’s understandable, that Microsoft is striving to use the moment the best, to advertise its applications store more, to make people like the Cortana, so they would continue to use Windows 10, maybe also purchase smart devices with Windows 10. But there are a lot of settings in the system, which are enabled by default (though you can disable them) and which are targeted at this. Cortana is on (not sure if it can be disabled at all), privacy settings allow sending lots of information (opt-out principle is in use, when a user has to disable, what he doesn’t like, and not the opt-in principle, when he would be able to select what he needs), in the Start menu and the lock screen and even in the praised by Microsoft Edge browser they push applications advertisements. Windows 10 system in whole looks like a huge advertisement complex. Updates system without an option to disable them and updates downloading (and sharing) from other PCs on the Internet which is on by default (which doesn’t look very safe to me).
  • Black color. Maybe black is in fashion now or looks stylish, but for me when using a computer it is not pleasant to see black user interface and black menus. In the case of Edge browser Microsoft gave an option: want a black theme – choose it, want white one – here you go. But for the desktop they do not give a choice. First, the quick menus of programs in the taskbar (“jump lists”) have become black. And now when you right click the Start button it shows a dark menu. I don’t want to use the high contrast theme and can’t understand why i’m not given a choice.
  • Control Panel vs Settings. There is a lot of posts about it in the forums and blogs and in the Microsoft Feedback program. Many are agitating to remove Control Panel and leave only Settings. For me personally this is a scary scenario, if one day there won’t be Control Panel, because it doesn’t look like Microsoft or third-party developers are capable to move everything into the Settings interface. And some things are more convenient in the old interface. But at this point there is a confusion. You have to understand or find what and where you can do, you have to hop between different interfaces. I don’t know the best solution. To replicate everything in both environments is very hard and it’s doubtful it will be useful. Maybe it would help to make clear links from one interface to another, if you can’t do something in the former. Maybe Microsoft will think of something. But for now, same as with Windows 8, this is one of the things driving away. In Windows 7 i have one place for the settings. Why should i bother myself with two interfaces?

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