OneDrive On-Demand Sync [EN]

That’s a nice feature coming to OneDrive, for those who want to store lots of data on OneDrive, but don’t really have enough space on their computers to sync all of it to the local hard drive. Well, this is not exactly new, as OneDrive operated like that by default in Windows 8 and then they have changed it to work as it worked say in Windows 7 separate client. The main reason was, that cloud only files were confusing for users who wanted to open them while not connected to the Internet. Well, this will still be the case. But apparently Microsoft has finally given up to the requests from many users to bring this feature back. And it also has some handy indication column and options to quickly change how files should be stored (on the drive or cloud only). My test machine still doesn’t have this feature (although it is running same 16215 build of Windows 10). It is probably being installed selectively for focus group users. It’s a pity though, that this will most probably won’t be ported to Windows 7/8.1 (this would require changing Windows Explorer a bit (adding new column, etc.).

UPDATE: there is a download link for the new OneDrive version here (Mega file hosting). And it works on Windows 10 16215 build. Unfortunately not on Windows 7..

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