Adaptive design going wrong – Youtube [EN]

Today i have found a new Youtube look in my browser (though IE still shows the old one).. It seems that every redesign is taking content from my screen and fills it with empty space. Once i was able to see first comment while watching video. Then video description and buttons took all the space on my 22 inch monitor. Now this.. You can click on the image to see fullscreen comparison. Funny, that the “before” screen is taken from the Watch later edit page as the new one doesn’t provide an option to remove or rearrange videos and when you press Edit, it takes you to the older design page. The URL has “disable_polymer=true”, so there is hope that at some point someone will release an add-on for Firefox/Chrome to load Youtube without that polymer crap all the time (until Google closes that hole). So, it’s an adaptive design in its “glory”. Let’s make everything huge, add lots of spaces, so it would be easier to hit with clamsy fingers and force it onto desktop users with precise mouses and make their 22-24+ inch screens waste space.. Yeah, it now fits 9 videos of the playlist instead of 11 and i constantly feel the need to zoom out (it looks like i have my page at 150% all the time).. One day we will have a lonely video in the middle of a huge white space on our 50 inch displays, just because millions of people decided to have mini computers in their pockets.

Update: next day the polymer thing went away somehow. Maybe it slipped through too soon and they will introduce it later. I can breathe for now 🙂

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