Roger Zelazny – Lord of Light

As an experiment this review will be in English.

Lord of Light is an interesting concept for a sci-fi book. Hinduism religion and mythology mixed with sci-fi elements. Although most of the time it feels more like a fantasy book with glimpses of technology based background. Which is ok, but based on the description i was expecting to learn more about how that human colony from dying Earth was established and evolved into such society like it is portrayed in the book and maybe learn more things about technological aspect of their tools and weapons. It seemed though that these people themselves started to believe they are gods, after being revived in new bodies thousands of times and being worshiped by others as divine beings. So, the book reads like some mesh of religious and fantasy mythos about gods clashing with each other, using regular people and indigenous creatures. Real events are intertwined with excerpts from religious texts. There are not that many arguments presented about opposing ideas. Most “gods” want to keep people (which are descendants and kids of their own) in medieval age, arguing that they want to protect regular people from a too fast technological progress. Which might have some merit, but i don’t remember any strong argument from that faction. So, it felt more like a selfish idea to keep people dark minded for easier control and keep them worshiping their gods eternally. The idea of technology allowing people to move their conciseness to a new younger body over and over again is not new, but when it is mixed with a religion that supports reincarnation, this is a very interesting mix. Structure of the book is also non linear. It starts with events near the end, then goes back and most of the book depicts that period and at the end it meets with the timeline from the beginning of the book. Again, interesting idea, but wasn’t something i have enjoyed. First part was too short and confusing. And later i was all the time afraid they will never go back to these events or that i have missed something. It wasn’t bad and i can see what effect it should have, but it didn’t feel that good or really necessary. It is often done in movies, but movies are a shorter media and it is easier to keep everything in mind. All in all, i liked the idea and some of the aspects of this book, but story itself wasn’t that engaging, i didn’t feel attached to any of the characters. And there were too much of magic/fantasy aspect than sci-fi to my liking. Could see how this old book influenced modern books, movies and other media. 7/10

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