Blog annual stats (v2017) [EN]

Same as last year putting here a bit of stats about my blog.

  • Posted 139 entries (+61 compared to last year):
    • Technology – 74 (+55, mainly because i started covering every Windows 10 Insider build and Office 365);
    • Board Games – 53 (+10, this combines both news and reviews and a few other posts);
    • Board Games News – 27;
    • Next Game – 16 (+2);
    • Movies – 8 (-4, i have slowed down on watching lots of movies during spring festival);
    • Top 10 – 4 (-6; ran out of ideas);
    • TV series – 2 (new category);
    • Books – 1 (-, i still read 3-4 books per year, but not always post about them 🙂 );
    • General – 1 (-2, i guess i’m getting more focused);
    • Artwork – 0 (-2, drawing less, posting them even less often);
    • Live Session – 0 (-2, having less big gaming events);
    • Yes-No – 0 (-5, ran out of ideas and interest to do such posts, for now).
  • Received 12 comments (not counting my replies this time 🙂 +10, mainly because someone mentioned one of my posts on some mailing list).

So, technology finally took over 🙂 Although, as i’ve said, because i post about every Windows 10 test build and they release them quite often. But this is not a surprise as by the stats technological posts are also most viewed in my blog. Here’s a list of most popular posts (by pageviews last year):

  • WSUS woes with Windows 10 [EN]3149, this is by far the most popular article in this blog. And the most commented on (8). Partly because of someone sharing this article on a mailing list. But mostly because of how clunky Windows 10 works with WSUS. There was a number of newer posts on that matter and they are slowly getting traction too, but it will take some time to surpass this one.
  • Very Basic Openfire + Spark Guide [EN]471, i didn’t expect it get so much attention. As i have posted it on Opefire/Spark (instant messaging solution) forums it probably mostly gets views from there.
  • Fixing SSL error when accessing XenServer after KB3175024 update [EN]326 (534 all time), this post originally was the most viewed in the past and got 3 comments thanking for my help. This was a push for me to post more about technology. Still going strong.
  • WSUS – updating Windows 10 to Creators Update [EN]316, this was the next article related to dealing with Windows 10 big updates via WSUS. There wasn’t much to write about, no similar problems as with older updates. Still gets attention like anything related to Windows 10.
  • WSUS – Windows 10 Fall Creators Update quirks [EN]93, this post is only a few months old, but as the latest Windows 10 big update created more problems with WSUS, it will get some attention for sure.
  • Stalo žaidimų naujienos (8) [LT]52, this is a mystery for me. Most probably this is because of a link in there to one of the sites. Because there is nothing special in that news post.

There is also 566 views of the main page. A number of views on different categories and 20-30 views on various posts about movies, board games, Windows 10 builds, etc.

As most viewed posts are written in English, one might think that i would get most traffic from English speaking countries. Well, visitors from my country still form the biggest chunk of traffic:

  • Lithuania – 908 (a few of them are actually generated by me);
  • United States – 685;
  • United Kingdom – 445 (as there are many Lithuanian residents in UK, i think this number is influenced by this);
  • Germany – 440;
  • Australia – 273;
  • Canada – 202;
  • Russia – 154;
  • France – 152;
  • Japan – 115;
  • Netherlands – 114;

Ok, the number of English speaking visitors should still be very high 🙂 A few obscure 1 visit entries this year: Zimbabwe, Yemen, Tanzania, Mongolia, Laos, Guam, etc.

This year i have also started my Twitter account and i cross post every article to it (as well as to my Google+ page). So, this also attracts a few additional visitors.

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