/top10: Best games (v.2015) [EN]

bgames-popuriAs this year approaches its end i’m presenting my list of best games at this moment. This is not a list of best games released or played this year, but best games for my taste to this day (year of 2015). Of course, there are still a few days to try something new and very impressive. Also, i’m currently on my second play through of a new game, which in theory has chances getting on this list. But, maybe it will get lucky next year 🙂


10. Race for the Galaxy

One of the best card games where cards work as resources and also as buildings/technologies and as war force. Although the new dice game “Roll for the Galaxy” is getting lots of raving ratings lately, until i have played it “Race..” is still the best for me.


9. Cacao

Released this year. Very simple. Very addictive and hella good looking.


8. Summoner Wars

One of the best tactical games for two players, which doesn’t take half a day.


7. 7 Wonders

It’s a pure coincidence it is on the 7th spot 🙂 It was getting boring and too repetitive, but the recently purchased “Leaders” expansion brought a bit of new stuff for it.


6. Ticket to Ride

Although i own the Europe version (which i like a bit better than the standard USA map), but i have tried plenty of other maps and i rate this game as a whole. I’ve started playing PC version a lot again recently, which made it go a bit higher.


5. Tokaido

This year i have finally purchased and played a physical copy of it. Although i liked this game before while playing it on BGA site. A great game with an interesting turn order mechanism.


4. Carcassonne

Once a 1st place holder (one of the first board games i’ve purchased). Its charm has died out with time, but it is still fun to place fields and cities and to fight for farms 🙂 Although i haven’t tried all the new versions of this game (with the exception of a few first expansions), i’m rating here a whole system of games in these series.


3. Firenze

The more i play it, the more i like it (with various numbers of players). A great euro game with an interesting actions and resources aquiring mechanism, a bit of “push your luck” and confrontation with other players. And who doesn’t like to build towers? One of those game i would want to have a physical copy badly.


2. Small World

This game is either loved or hated. Maybe it doesn’t fit those who like euro games, where you can concentrate into generating points. And here there is an ongoing direct conflict between players (and the more players, the merrier). On the other hand, one also collects points here and in some manner also creates a points generating engine with every combination of races and powers one selects. And there are a LOT of those combinations (especially with 2-3 expansions). It’s probably this variety what is winning me the most in this game. And also the fact that this game suits out gaming group perfectly.


1. Thunderstone

This game holds the first place since i have played it for the first time 3 years ago. And its position only getting stronger with every game. Although it and its newer versions “Thunderstone Advance” are not in print anymore, and i’m only playing its electronic version, the first one, without any expansions and new stuff, but still the deck building and honing mechanism, the theme and also the artwork, everything in this game makes me want to play it again. I hope someday it will be reprinted and i will be able to purchase a physical copy of it or one of its variants.

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