Board Game Review – Camel Up [EN]

Camel Up

A neat little game, which can be fun with the right crowd (non-gamers or casual gamers). It even works fine with 8 players (and more with the expansion). Granted, i haven’t tried it with less players. All my 3 plays of it were with 8 players. It probably can be more strategic with less players and you can probably have more options on your turn and plan ahead a bit more. But it is still very light, very random and swingy. Which is part of its charm and which makes people scream of joy or sadness when a die comes out of the pyramid 🙂 But this is not a game for those liking a bit of thought process, heavier mechanisms. Though heavy gamers can appreciate this as an evening closing game to relax. I’m glad i own it and this is a strong 7/10.

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