Cloud managed Edge IE Mode site list [EN]

In my last article regarding IE Mode i have griped that MS allowed to host site list file in the cloud, but there was no option to actually modify and publish it using M365 console. Well, this is now fixed. Microsoft presented a new section in M365 Admin Console called Microsoft Edge site list, which allows to manage multiple site lists, add URLs, save versions and publish them. There is also an option to import xml file with a list. Then you can copy ID of such site list and use it in Intune device profile to push that site list and a setting to use it to selected groups of devices. Alternatively you can use ConfigMgr or regular group policies. Although it is not clear how you can use just ID with group policies. I think it still requires a path to the file. But if you are in Intune camp completely, then this is a nice way to get rid of hosting files manually in Azure and a nice way to have different rings of devices with different sets of sites that has to be opened with IE mode. More information in this article on MS Tech Community.

Office 365 – Win32 aplikacijų platinimas su Intune [LT]

Intune kaip dalis EMS (Enterprise Mobility + Security) paketo dalis leidžia valdyti mobilias darbo vietas (ne tik išmanius telefonus, bet ir Windows 10), taikyti saugumo politikas ir pan. Taip pat šis servisas leidžia centralizuotai platinti LOB (Line of Business) aplikacijas ir programas iš Windows Store. Neseniai paskelbta ir apie galimybę tokiu būdu diegti Windows 10 kompiuteriuose ir įprastas Win32 aplikacijas (exe, msi, msp). Kol kas ši funkcija “preview” stadijoje. Susipažinti artimiau galima perskaičius blog’o įrašą arba pažiūrėjus Ignite sesiją šia tema (kur yra gyvai rodomi demo)

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