Blog annual stats (v2022)

2022 was another less active year. With especially long hiatus from posting between March and August. Haven’t read anything at that time or watched any special movies or series to write about and i guess spring and summer was not that hot on tech news for me. But there were a few popular articles about IE deprecation and latest Windows 11 update, which i reposted on LinkedIn and they got a bit more of a traffic. A few older articles got lots of attention this year for some reason. In September there was an issue with SSL plugin i use and for a few days only home page was accessible, until i finally noticed and fixed it. Shouldn’t affect overall stats that much, though.

  • Posted 14 entries (-12):
    • Technology – 6 (-9), this is probably what my average will be from now on;
    • Reviews – 5 (-1), similar to last year;
    • Books – 4 (+2), the only category with positive difference and i almost completed another book, but didn’t want to rush it to complete by the new year. My reading numbers are kind of steady now.
    • General – 2 (-);
    • Movies – 1 (-2), have only posted my thoughts on different movies based on “I am Legend” book . Last year even skipped Kinopavasaris movie fest which i was going to for so many years. Maybe i will get back into it next year.
    • Board Games – 1 (-1), the only thing i posted was my stats post for 2021 and i skipped doing it this time, so this category might go to zero. Have cooled on board games in general.
    • Artwork – 1 (-1);
    • Top 10 – 1 (-);
    • TV series – 0 (-).
  • I have approved one comment this year, which might still be spam, but it seemed real enough. Someone thanking on a very old board game review (+1).

The list of most popular posts (by page views last year):

I went deeper into top list this time as i wanted to see views numbers for all the newest articles. Usually i cut off around 50. So, last year WSUS topic officially dropped from this list. Two last popular articles for that technology had combined 176 views in 2021 (after a whopping drop of 626). In 2022 they have only garnered 34 views total (another -142). WSUS tag as well only got 38 views (-28). Home page got 473 views last year (+106). About page got around the same number of views (38). And there were 132 views with not defined URL (bots trying to crack the site or something). Unfortunately, a few articles this year (Edge IE Mode tips and my thoughts on Microsoft To Do) only got around 10 views each. Was expecting more.

Looking at Google Analytics Geo report can see that 25% of traffic last year was actually from China (maybe they still rely a lot on XMPP and were reading that Openfire guide of mine). Second place was US and Lithuania only third.

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