Blog annual stats (v2018)

As usual, yearly stats of my blog for 2018:

  • Posted 72 entries (-67 compared to last year, so it almost went back to 2016 results):
    • Technology – 56 (-18, slowed down a bit, less guides and tutorials, mainly Windows 10 Insider builds and other updates);
    • Movies – 7 (-1);
    • Board Games – 6 (-47, huge drop, mainly because stopped doing Board Games News, not many reviews either, maybe will do more this year);
    • Next Game – 4 (-12, less reviews last year; although every review is posted twice in LT and EN, so in reality not such a huge drop – 2 reviews vs 6);
    • General – 2 (+1);
    • Board Games News – 1 (-26, stopped doing these, it was taking lots of time and became boring);
    • Top 10 – 1 (-3, got lazy and combined 4 posts from last year into one:) );
    • TV series – 0 (-2, haven’t finished any new series during last year to write about);
    • Books – 0 (-1, i have read a few books last year, but didn’t want to write anything; actually finishing a few other books currently, so probably will post about them);
    • Artwork – 0 (-);
    • Live Session – 0 (-);
    • Yes-No – 0 (-).
  • Received 2 comments. This time both were board games related for a change 🙂

The list of most popular posts (by page views last year):

  • WSUS woes with Windows 10 [EN]672 (-2477), considerably less than last year, but still the most popular post in my blog. Probably should die out as more companies will go full cloud mode and will use Intune/Windows Update for Business for updates management.
  • Very Basic Openfire + Spark Guide [EN]438 (-33), almost hasn’t changed since last year. Mostly people come from Ignite Realtime forum when i shamelessly give them the link to it (well, i have written it for this cause, so i won’t have to repeat myself again and again).
  • Dealing with Windows 10 feature updates via WSUS [EN]300 (new), this was posted at the end of 2017, so it didn’t manage to receive many views that year, but it got some attention like everything Windows 10 related.
  • WSUS – Windows 10 Fall Creators Update quirks [EN]268 (+175), again was one of the last posts for 2017, which explains why views number grew so much in 2018.
  • Fixing SSL error when accessing XenServer after KB3175024 update [EN]196 (-130), slowly falling behind, but still gets a lot of views, my first most favorite post here. Although this is related to Windows 7, which is on its last year of support and less people should be using it.
  • WSUS – updating Windows 10 to Creators Update [EN]157 (-159), was higher than Fall Creators Update post, but as latter one is a newer update, no wonder they swapped places.
  • WSUS – Windows 10 April 2018 Update [EN]68 (new), this one is new, as it was posted in 2018. Not so many views in 6 months. Partly because all issues with WSUS are known and there is nothing new (although old issues haven’t been fixed and probably never will). I haven’t posted similar article on October 2018 Update, as i have quit my job and don’t work with WSUS/Windows 10 anymore and frankly speaking this update was such a flop and many home users still not getting it. I guess this one will never get more attention and all other Windows 10 related articles will lose more views in the coming years.

As usual there were 370 views of a home page and a number of unset views. Which are probably generated by some bots. As well as weird spikes of views on some old movies reviews. Other posts getting fair portion of views are about Skype for Business Smart Contacts, Internet Explorer 11 Enterprise Mode, lists of updates for Windows 10 versions 1709 and 1803. Also Board Games and Technology categories.

Based on viewers countries there is no change in top 3 (other than increasing numbers), except for France jumping to 3d spot:

  • Lithuania – 1597 (+689);
  • United States – 816 (+131);
  • France – 436 (+284);
  • United Kingdom – 227 (-218), Brexit making Lithuanians go back home, therefore increasing views numbers  from Lithuania? 🙂
  • Canada – 177 (-25);
  • Germany – 159 (-281), either my technology posts are outdated or maybe less board games content is contributing to this drop 🙂
  • Brazil – 139 (new);
  • Serbia – 132 (new);
  • India – 88 (new);
  • Russia – 76 (-78);

Last year dropped from top 10 Australia (74), Netherlands (58), Japan (33). A few interesting 1 view entries during 2018: Aruba, Burkina Faso, Jamaica, Yemen (again, this can be some bots hiding behind proxies).

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