Enabling SSL could be easier than expected [EN]

Today i have enabled SSL for my blog, which is based on WordPress installed locally on my domain. I was postponing this task for a while now coping with browser warnings, because i always thought this would be a very complex thing, would involve lots of manual config tweaking and so on. But after some brief reading it actually took me 10 minutes in total probably. Partly because of the existence of Let’s Encrypt. This free and automated Certificate Authority is serving millions of pages with automatically renewing certificates at no charge. Many hosting providers already have tools to use this CA. So, i went to my domain provider’s (Interneto vizija) DirectAdmin panel, SSL Certificates menu. Enabled Secure SSL option and selected the option to use Let’s Encrypt’s service. After pressing Save it has generated SSL certificate for my domain and stored it on the server. Then i went to Plugins menu in WordPress admin panel and installed Really Simple SSL plugin. Activated it and pressed a button to activate SSL for my site. That’s it. My website started using https and old links pointing to http are now redirected to https. Of course, i could probably do this manually. But why bother if i can just click a button 🙂 There are also a few more additional settings and even more in a Premium version of this plugin. Actually there was another thing to do that i have read in that blog post earlier.  Went to my Google Analytics page > Admin > Property Settings and changed Default URL to https. Now, let’s see if my certificate actually renews automatically in 3 months.