Blog annual stats (v2018)

As usual, yearly stats of my blog for 2018:

  • Posted 72 entries (-67 compared to last year, so it almost went back to 2016 results):
    • Technology – 56 (-18, slowed down a bit, less guides and tutorials, mainly Windows 10 Insider builds and other updates);
    • Movies – 7 (-1);
    • Board Games – 6 (-47, huge drop, mainly because stopped doing Board Games News, not many reviews either, maybe will do more this year);
    • Next Game – 4 (-12, less reviews last year; although every review is posted twice in LT and EN, so in reality not such a huge drop – 2 reviews vs 6);
    • General – 2 (+1);
    • Board Games News – 1 (-26, stopped doing these, it was taking lots of time and became boring);
    • Top 10 – 1 (-3, got lazy and combined 4 posts from last year into one:) );
    • TV series – 0 (-2, haven’t finished any new series during last year to write about);
    • Books – 0 (-1, i have read a few books last year, but didn’t want to write anything; actually finishing a few other books currently, so probably will post about them);
    • Artwork – 0 (-);
    • Live Session – 0 (-);
    • Yes-No – 0 (-).
  • Received 2 comments. This time both were board games related for a change 🙂

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Blog annual stats (v2017) [EN]

Same as last year putting here a bit of stats about my blog.

  • Posted 139 entries (+61 compared to last year):
    • Technology – 74 (+55, mainly because i started covering every Windows 10 Insider build and Office 365);
    • Board Games – 53 (+10, this combines both news and reviews and a few other posts);
    • Board Games News – 27;
    • Next Game – 16 (+2);
    • Movies – 8 (-4, i have slowed down on watching lots of movies during spring festival);
    • Top 10 – 4 (-6; ran out of ideas);
    • TV series – 2 (new category);
    • Books – 1 (-, i still read 3-4 books per year, but not always post about them 🙂 );
    • General – 1 (-2, i guess i’m getting more focused);
    • Artwork – 0 (-2, drawing less, posting them even less often);
    • Live Session – 0 (-2, having less big gaming events);
    • Yes-No – 0 (-5, ran out of ideas and interest to do such posts, for now).
  • Received 12 comments (not counting my replies this time 🙂 +10, mainly because someone mentioned one of my posts on some mailing list).

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Another year :) [LT-EN]

[LT] Šian sukako antri metai mano blogui. Nusprendžiau kažkokią suvestinę daryt metų gale, taigi jokios statistikos šį kart nepateiksiu. Galima pasakyt tik tiek, kad blogas pasuko šiek tiek kita linkme ir dabar daugiau rašau apie technologijas. Bet apie tai detaliau kitą kartą. O kol kas su gimtadieniu 🙂

[EN] Today it’s two years since the start of this blog. I have decided to do some kind of summary at the end of the year. So not much to say now. Just that the blog has become more about technology stuff. But in more details about that later. And for now – Happy Birthday 🙂

1 year blog summary [LT-EN]


[LT] Lygiai prieš metus pradėjau šį blogą, paskelbiau pirmą įrašą. Per tuos metus iš viso paskelbta 78 įrašai. Sulaukta 4 komentarų (na gera, gudrauju, du iš jų buvo mano atsakymai 🙂 ). Tiesa, kol įdiegiau anti-spamo įskiepį sulaukdavau nemažai spam komentarų kasdien. Šiuo metu blokuota 1347 spam komentarų 🙂

[EN] Exactly one year ago i have started this blog, posted my first entry. During this year 78 entries have been posted. I’ve received 4 comments (ok ok, i’m cheating, two of them were my replies 🙂 ). Although, until i have installed anti-spam plugin i was getting lots of spam comments daily. 1347 spam comments have been blocked by now 🙂

[LT-EN] Paskelbti įrašai pagal kategorijas/Posted entries by categories:

Board Games (43)
Technology (19)
Next game (14)
Movies (12)
Top10 (10)
Yes-No (5)
Artwork (2)
General (3)
Live session (2)
Books (1)

sudo start

[LT] Taigi, po daugiau nei 8 metų, kai turiu šį domeną, nutariau kažką su juo padaryt. Nes iki šiol naudojau jį tik asmeniniam paštui ir kaip talpyklą. Idėja pradėt blog’ą buvo kilusi seniai, bet vis neprisiruošdavau tuo užsiimt. Kol kas neturiu konkrečių minčių apie ką būtent rašysiu. Tikriausiai po truputį apie viską. Planuoju kiekvieną įrašą skelbt lietuvių ir anglų kalbomis, jei netingėsiu 🙂


[EN] So, after more than 8 years of having this domain, i’ve decided to do something with it. So far i was using it for my personal email and file hosting. An idea to start a blog has come to me long ago, but i couldn’t make myself finally do it. Not sure what i will write about. Probably a little bit about everything. I plan to post in both Lithuanian and English, if i won’t be too lazy 🙂